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My Favorite Music of 2012

At the end of 2012, a number of websites that I follow and favorite bands of mine have released their top 10 lists for the year. Every year this results in the discovery of gems that I had missed and might have otherwise overlooked across a variety of genres. I have a long list of new records to explore, but before fully tackling it I wanted to share my personal favorite newly released music that I listened to throughout the year. Although I do this primarily as an amusing way for me to reflect and organize my thoughts, maybe you’ll discover something new that you enjoy. I’ve left some links to my favorite songs as well as links to each full release on Spotify. Please share recommendations from your favorite records of the year!

Overall Top 15 LPs of 2012

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My Iron Lung - Late Bloomers, Early Caskets
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My Iron Lung - Late Bloomers, Early Caskets

Just like the seasons changing,
Just like the leaves keep falling.
I want to take it all back,
Every word I said.
Change the way I saw things,
Change the way I felt about love.
Realize my words still linger,
Realize that I’m still here and you’re not.

My eyes are closed,
My stomach is sick
But it gets so much worse than this.
I’ve realized I’m weak and lost the things
Important to me.
There’s no way to eat,
There’s no way to sleep
When things like this keep happening,
But I’m just one to hold it all in.

Just like my mind keeps racing,
Just like I’m lost in my own head,
Some desperate measures
Call for taking chances
So I’ll keep my head clear
And remember
Everything that falls apart
It brings new meaning.

Learning there’s no certainty,
That there are no certain objects
Or certain things
That stay the same.

Early graves.
Early caskets.
Wrap my body around soiled trees.
I am one with a broken earth that surrounds me.

The American Scene - The View From Here

My video from their show in Vancouver, WA (8/25/12).

Handguns - Early Retirement
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Handguns - Early Retirement

Trying to get fired so I won’t have to quit
Don’t want to spend my nights working the graveyard shift
And I’m so sick and tired, yeah I’m over it
I’m calling this early retirement

The American Scene - Grip
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The American Scene - Grip

When the heat breaks I still won’t know where I belong
When the rain comes you’ll be a thousand miles gone
Picture me sweltering in an august blacktop parking lot as
I’m trying to get some sleep
I was carrying the dingy ring my mother gave me when
I asked if we could talk and you just turned to face the wall
When the sun went down we washed the salt off of our skin
and promised not to think about tomorrow until we had to.
You said it takes slow strong steady hands to handle something delicate as this

I feel like screaming my lungs out but I’m keeping my mouth shut
Picture me with my tongue between my teeth cause you don’t want to talk.
I’ll remember you when I point my body to the west because you said that
That you can tell the difference

From eastern states I’m calling time and time again
When I came home I found your lips all chewed up and eyes bloodshot.
I had my knuckles scraped and black and blue
If separate continents are exactly what we need then can we handle what that means?
And now were sleeping to the sound of the way things won’t work out.

So we begin here at the end
The place the silence settled in and took a hold of you
It takes a toll on me.

My merch haul from Warped Tour yesterday in Portland. I enjoy supporting the bands I love.

My merch haul from Warped Tour yesterday in Portland. I enjoy supporting the bands I love.