I fell asleep on the forest floor
And when I opened my eyes there were fireflies
I saw your smile in the velvet sky
And it felt like heaven
Sent shivers splintering like a forest chorus
Or a hallelujah roar born from a fever dream
An errant heat that I just can’t sweat out

I fell asleep for a little more
And when I opened my eyes my world was on fire
I felt the smoke burn the back of my throat
And I taste no heaven cause there’s no heaven
Sore eyelids blistering I stumble blindly
For the softness of your song born of a fever dream
From an errant heat that burned my forest down

Misery, will we fade into nothing?
Misery, does this all mean nothing?
Why do fireflies die? why do wildfires wither away?

(Source: monsterpoptart)

state faults wildfires resonate desperate

Anonymous asked:

do any of you speak any foreign languages?

How I wish I was an ocean Answer:


The Offspring and U2 have taught me all I know about counting in Spanish.